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About Sage

The online Pilates studio for the average Joe. I help people all over the world go from being overwhelmed and not having any time for themselves to unapologetically making space for self-care and exercise through our intimidation-free, schedule-friendly online pilates sessions. 

The one thing my clients have in common is the wisdom and desire to stay fit and feel good on their own terms allowing them to give their best in all aspects of their life. 

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Is your schedule or location getting in the way of your fitness aspirations? Join our weekly online Pilates Zoom sessions, you deserve “me-time” too. 

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Giving the control back to you!

Stay fit and feel good on your own terms.

  • Anywhere! Anytime!
  • Mat and small apparatus-based.
  • Get access to challenges, additional pilates videos and more!
  • From beginner to advanced, everyone is welcome.
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